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LONG LASTING DIY NAIL ART – With proper care and application, Venalisa poly nail gel formula lasts up to 3 weeks and gives you natural-looking nails customizable to the length and shape that you desire without having to leave your home! With super easy, beginner-friendly application without complex ratios and mixing, this poly nail extension gel is your go-to at home salon.

PROFESSIONAL GRADE & EASY TO USE – Venalisa poly nail extension gel formula is proudly vegan and we do not conduct animal testing. Our formulas are designed for salon-quality use yet also beginner and amateur friendly so that you can create beautiful, self-expressive nail designs in the comfort of your own home.

”PolyGel nails have the strength of an acrylic yet lightweight and flexible like a gel, therefore, they are less prone to break and lift”.

Product Description: 

Product list (what’s included in this kit):

1. Slip solution

2. Double head nail pen

3. 4pcs* 30g poly nail gel

4. Nail file

5. Base coat 12ml

6. Tempered top coat 12ml

7. Nail Tips Reusable (100pcs)

8. 2pcs Nail decoration (Gold & Silver)

How to use?

1. Trim and clean nails
2. Apply a layer Venalisa base coat, cure by lamp 1-2 min.
3. Choose suitable false nail tips, apply Venalisa poly gel in tip, use nail art brush with slip solution to blend gel smooth and uniform.
4. Stick it on real nails and make sure it be fully playing-up, cure by lamp 1-2 mins.
5. Remove false nail tips, trim and shape nails.
6. Apply a layer Venalisa tempered top coat, cure by nail lamp 1-2 mins, finish!


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